About our Eliquids

Our Eliquids are:

  • 100% hand mixed & made specific to order, we do not bulk batch our eliquids.
  • Produced here in the UK.

Our Ingredients

Our Eliquids  are made from the highest quality ingredients.

Our e liquid recipes are typically made up of 3 - 5 components (depending on mix selection):

  • Pharmaceutical USP grade Propylene Glycol (PG) a synthetic compound used in
    inhalers and cosmetics to act as an absorption agent
  • Pharmaceutical USP / KOSHER grade Vegetable Glycerin (VG) a syrup commonly used in cough
    medicine and other consumable products. VG is thick and sweet. While
    commonly made from palm, soy or coconut oil, ours is made from rapeseed oil
    causing no harmful effects to any rainforests
  • 70mg (7.0%) Pharmaceutical USP / KOSHER Grade Nicotine in a PG or VG base diluted to
    strengths between 3mg - 24mg (0.3% - 2.4%)
  • .
    These flavourings may or may not contain traces of nuts and Ethyl Maltol
  • Trace amounts of Sucralose sweetener (typically used as a substitute for sugar in your coffee or tea).
    This applies to non-tobacco based e liquid only, however there is an option to remove this
  • Trace amounts of Ethyl Maltol (as an optional extra)

Our Mixes

70% PG / 30% VG - Best for tobacco flavours

A great combination for those wanting the strongest throat hit, but still retain some smoothness VG offers.

50% PG / 50% VG (Best for fruit/sweet flavours)

This is the perfect all round mix, the "Jack of all trades". Works wonders with all flavour categories,
provides a decent throat hit, and produces loads of vapor.

90/10- (Best for people with PG intolerances).

Suited best for those with allergies to PG, those with Diabetes, or those who want to keep their e liquid as pure as possible. Pure VG e-Liquid offers the thickest, smoothest and sweetest vape with a mild throat hit.

Make sure to keep a window or two open!

For those new to vaping, we advise trying a PG/VG mix first.

E Liquid Options

Menthol Flavouring

At no extra cost we would be happy to mix Menthol or Menthol Ice flavouring into any
of your e-Liquids to add a cool little kick.

For extra kick, we can double up the amount of Menthol or Menthol Ice flavouring for those who
truly love this deep cool sensation.

Syrupy Cotton Candy (Ethyl Maltol) is added to our Tobacco flavours to give them a lingering taste, this is suitable for diabetics.

Alternatively, by default we add a small amount sweetener to all non-tobacco e liquids,
however you can request to have no added sweetener added at all.